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Specialty retail 2012-08-31

Devoted to franchise benefits

Remembering God gives you peace of mind, visiting Almighty gives you solace and offering devotion, beautiful gifts and worshipping Him as a living being would now bring you an opportunity to earn wealth. Read on to know more...

By Sub Editor
Devoted to franchise benefits

Indians are believed to be very spiritual and God fearing people. The rich cultural heritage of India is inspired by its spiritual Gods. No matter what religion an Indian follows, he is always on the lookout for a chance to impress the Almighty by offering prayers, beautiful gifts, eatables, dresses and jewellery depending on how much his pocket allows. It gives him satisfaction for a better life ahead. There are many instances where people may not have enough money for themselves but they do not mind shelling out money for God. This displays the devotion of mankind towards the supreme power. Cashing on this sentiment of devotees towards Almighty are business owners selling dresses, jewelry and various other items used for getting God’s blessings. Having identified a great potential in this business, is a latest unique franchise business concept of designer wear for idols.

The concept is totally new, as fashion and branded players have never given any importance to design clothes for deities till date. However, the concept has emerged as unique business opportunity with Divyavastra, a brand designed to express ones’ pure devotion towards the Almighty through its designer wear. Acknowledging the success and popularity of this unique concept, the brand has adopted the franchise route for its rapid expansion.

Concept of Divyavastra

Designer wear for Gods and deities were not thought much about as the local traders were fulfilling the need of clothes for deities in temples as well as at homes. However, there was the need for good designs and materials for deities. The need would now be taken care of with the emergence of ‘Divyavastra’. As its name signifies, Divyavastra is known as the pioneering company with collection designed to express ones’ pure devotion towards the almighty. The collection consists of a range of devotional ensembles catering to all different religions and cultures in the world by offering an assortment of devotional ensembles and related decoration material for various deities. In words of Aditya Sangvi, Director, Divyavastra: “This unique concept was conceived by my father, Shri Mahendra Sanghvi, who thought if devotees can spend so much on themselves, they can buy something good for the God who has given them everything. With this thought in mind we started Divyavastra in 2010. The concept of gold and silver work on cloth for deities instantly became popular, making our brand a success.”

Divyavastra is presented by Union Chains & Jewellers Pvt. Ltd, which is one of India's leading chains and jewellery (gold and silver) manufacturing companies since 1991.

Franchising in Divyavastra

The concept of Divyavastra is quite unique as well as recent but has gained lot of popularity since the time it started. Seeing its success and potential in the Indian markets, the idea to expand it rapidly via franchising was conceived. Franchising has further boosted the brand to expand successfully. Various factors which have boosted its growth are:

Devotion towards deities: As mentioned Indians are highly devoted and pay homage to Gods by gifts or donations. According to Sanghvi: “Instead of offering money, devotes can order clothes from Divyavastra. It would surely satisfy them more to see the idols dressed up in attire gifted by them.” Moreover donating money in temples is a good practice but devotees are not sure whether the money would be put to good usage or no. Therefore gifting attire is a more preferable option.

Caters to all clientele: The brand with its innovative designs and material caters to clientele from all walks of life. People who have the money to buy clothes made from gold and silver can surely order their choice from the brand. However, to make it more affordable for middle class people, the company has come up with decorative flowers etc so that they can also gift these.

Bright future abroad

There is a lot of potential for designer wear collection for deities in overseas nations as well. This is due to the many Indians settled there. They undoubtedly have a better standard of living and can spend more on designer clothes for their idols. As shared by Sanghvi: “We plan to start franchising in overseas countries like Dubai, USA, UK etc in recent future. The concept has proved popular among Indians here. So we are 100 per cent sure about its success in foreign countries now.”

Franchise requirements

Taking a franchise of this unique opportunity does not require many qualifications and degrees. As informed by Sanghvi: “Our perfect franchisee is required to have a great belief in God as well as the products. A person who is pious can only respect our products and convince other devotees to buy from him.” For taking a franchise investment varies according to the city and model selected.  The shop-in-shop investment is low ranging from Rs 5 to 10 lakh. However becoming a full fledged distributor involves investment of Rs 40 to 50 lakh.

To conclude it would not be wrong to say that sentiments of the people are attached with their deities and idols. Therefore this new opportunity would surely pave way for many other brands to follow suit. Franchisees investing in this venture would positively earn profits as well as long term success with this devotional, yet lucrative business.

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