Wellness Industry 2017-08-18

7 Latest trends in wellness industry

Wellness industry in India is surely transforming in leaps and bounds. Along with this transformation, trends have also upgraded in order to offer consumers something new.

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7 Latest trends in wellness industry

India is offering a prospective platform for the growth of wellness industry at a rapid pace. The urban population has been hit hard by various types of lifestyle diseases. The reasons behind the elevated number of cases are unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Many new ventures are blooming in this aspect to introduce wellness in the urban life. As per statistical speculation and forecasted numbers from FICCI, the wellness industry is all set to surpass the INR 500 billion mark. In fact, the growth in newer trends and its rapid adoption in the urban societies promise a whopping growth rate of 30% every year. If this pace is maintained, then wellness industry will surely hit the mark of INR 1.5 Trillion by the end of the financial year 2020.

Latest trends in wellness industry
The overall approaches of maintaining proper mental and physical health can be amalgamated to explain what wellness stands for. The trends are based on various approaches that redefine traditional measures to stay healthy.

- Recovery
Apart from intensive training regimen, fitness experts are sending the aspirants back home for a good recovery time. Due to an increased obsession of excessive training, individuals are killing the regime, but not healing themselves causing more injuries.

- Reading labels
A number of beauty products lovers are becoming more concerned about their skin every day. These days, the aspirants are shunning products whose labels are not appropriate or contain unwanted ingredients. This is why there is a huge shift towards the natural beauty products from the artificial ones. In fact, a considerable percentage of women are keeping makeup aside and going natural.

- Social sobering
These days, youths are ditching booze and sobering up in the social events with healthy shakes, fruit juices, and other nutritious beverages to fight against many lifestyle diseases and hangover. Booze-less night outs and social gatherings are becoming a thing in the western world.

- Ketogenic diet
Despite the issues regarding consumption of fatty food, people are taking up the ketogenic diet in order to fight diseases like epilepsy. The diet is based on low carbohydrate yet high-fat content. Its benefits are:

1.Killing your appetite via a healthy way
2.Aids in weight loss programs
3.Reducing harmful fat and adding essential fats such as visceral fat and subcutaneous fat
4.Levels down triglycerides in the blood
5.Increasing the concentration of HDL or good cholesterol that aids in fighting cardiovascular diseases.
6.Blood sugar level reduced thus helping in Diabetes Type II cases
7.Aids in the treatment of metabolic syndrome

- Athleisure
This is a typical trend where people are taking up clothes that are comfortable to wear. The clothes can be worn when one is going to the gym and or while going to the office. The word is the hybridized result of two words Leisure and Athletics.

- Acroyoga
Like the above fusion, Acroyoga is the result of hybridization between Yoga and Acrobatics. In this case, practicing the postures of yoga along with the acrobatic performances is a two person job. The acroyoga videos and images can be seen on the social networking sites. Performing such art is really catching up with the crowd, but it is tougher than conventional acrobatics and asanas involved in Yoga.

- Artisan homemade skin care products
Producing homemade product line in small batches is called artisan skin care. Using absolutely natural products and making smaller batches, unlike the assembly-line processes in industries, helps in preserving the naturalness of the ingredients. Beauty enthusiasts prefer these products more than conventional cosmetics.

The latest trends in wellness industryform a very big list. Every day, new changes are making lives better and healthier. This change becomes a trend, setting a new course towards proper wellness. 

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