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50 World’s Best Business Opportunities in Franchising

The popularity of franchising business model in India can be seen by the fact that the franchised businesses have captured a market size of USD 7.2 billion.

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50 World’s Best Business Opportunities in Franchising

50 Best Business Opportunity in the World

The popularity of franchising business model in India can be seen by the fact that the franchised businesses have captured a market size of USD 7.2 billion with an annual growth rate of 30%. And when we talk about its worldwide reach, franchising creates almost $2 trillion every year around the world.

By looking at the above data, one can estimate the potential that the franchising industry possesses. If you’re a budding entrepreneur who aspires to own a franchise, here we present 50 world’s best business opportunities in franchising that could be highly rewarding.

#1 Pizza Franchise

Pizza is one of the most preferred Italian food items, which is famous the world over. Some brands such as ‘Dominos’ and ‘Slice in Italy’ are among the big players in the industry.

#2Bakery and Confectionary

Tasty cookies and pastries are in huge demand everywhere. Brands like ‘Millies Cookies’ and ‘Monginis’ offer franchises and since these are very popular, it’s a good option to look at.

#3 Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has become quite trendy because of the enhanced quality of treatment across the world. India is an emerging hub of this industry.

#4 Medical Spas

To help people fight medical illnesses, you could start a medical spa.  

#5 Tea Shops/Cafés

Tea and coffee are two of the most preferred beverages in the world. Therefore a franchise in this segment could be lucrative.

#6 Yoga Centres

Yoga provides holistic healing to everyone, irrespective of the age and gender. Start a yoga centre franchise anywhere in the world.

#7 Physiotherapy Centres

Physiotherapy has proved to be one of the most useful treatments. You could start a physiotherapy franchise.

#8 Beauty Salons

Salons are very much needed in today’s time to get pampered. A salon business is quite lucrative because of the escalating demand.

#9 Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming has recently developed into one of the lucrative business opportunities around the world. You could own a pet grooming franchise anywhere.

#10 Gym

To help people maintain their body shapes, you could start a fitness gym. It has become a very popular business idea in fitness segment.


Ayurveda is one of the most prevalent forms of treatments around the world. Starting a franchise in ayurveda could be lucrative.

#12 Pathological Labs

With increase in new diseases, pathological labs are in grave demand. Start your own pathological lab franchise.

#13 After-school Activities

After school activities are organized by various schools. Hence it becomes a lucrative business venture in education sector.

#14 Day Care Centre

Crech and Day care centre are quite popular in today’s time. Start your own day care centre.

#15 Online food ordering Services

Brands like ‘Zomato’ and ‘Swiggy’ are the perfect example of an online food ordering business. In the recent times, this business has caught fire in the business sectors.

#16 Sweet Shops

For all those with a sweet tooth, you could also start a sweet shop anywhere in the world. The brand ‘Bikanervala’ is one of the most inspiring one in this industry.

#17 Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are treated as a retreat in the fast-paced lifestyles. This could be a quite rewarding segment for franchising.

# 18 Cosmetic Accessories

Cosmetic products have become the need of the hour these days. You could start a cosmetic accessories business.

#19 Laundry Franchise

Due to fast-paced lifestyles, people prefer convenient laundry services more often. ‘UClean’ is a perfect example of a laundry franchise.

#20 Gadget repair chain

In a gadget-obsessed world, gadget repair chain could be quite a lucrative business idea.

#21 Amusement Centres

Amusement centres could be quite a lucrative business idea as they offer a retreat to the customers.

#22 Multiplex Franchises

Owning a multiplex franchise is one of the most lucrative business ideas in entertainment industry. It could generate a lot of revenue. 

#23 Fitness equipment stores

The concept of fitness is trending these days. Therefore, a fitness equipment store could be quite lucrative in terms of revenue.

#24 Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are always in demand no matter what. Starting a fashion accessories business could be rewarding.

#25 Eyewear franchise

Eyewear has become a style-symbol for today’s generation. Start your own eyewear franchise like ‘ClearDekho’.

#26 Ethnic Wear Business

Traditional clothing has started trend in the fashion industry. Ethnic wear business could be started if you wish to enter this segment.

#27 Jewelry Business

Jewelry has always been in buzz across the fashion industry. Business ideas like ‘Bluestone’ could be an inspiration to start a jewelry business of your own.

#28 Footwear Business

Starting a footwear brand franchise could be lucrative. Brands like ‘Bata’, ‘Liberty’ are the biggies in this field.

#29 Pre-School franchise

Pre-school business has recently gained so much popularity that it has become one of the most lucrative business ideas in education sector.

#30 Fashion brand franchise

Fashion brands such as ‘H&M’ and ‘Louis Phillipe’ offer franchise to many of the budding franchisees. Start a fashion brand franchise as it’s quite a lucrative business idea.

#31 Mobile app franchise

Mobile Apps are quite prevalent in today’s educational scenario. Start you own mobile app franchise.

#32 Competitive Exam Coaching

Competitive exams coaching institute is quite lucrative in India as there are so many aspirants.

#33 Tutor-Finding App

Tutor Finding apps have a bright future ahead in the education sector. It’s one of the most lucrative business opportunities.

# 34 Pharmacy

A pharmacy that has access to almost all kinds of medicines is a lucrative business opportunity.

#35 Bicycle maintenance services

Bike/bicycle maintenance service is quite a lucrative small business idea in the automobile industry.

#36 Career Counseling

Helping students by guiding them through their career could become quite beneficiary business idea in today’s time.

#37Degree/Diploma Colleges

Buying a degree college franchise is a lucrative business idea as it costs low to start a franchise-based college rather than opening your own college.

#38Cerification Course Coaching

Skills are very much required to enter any sector of business. Therefore, certification courses coaching could be quite lucrative.

#39 School Franchise

Buying a school franchise could be quite a beneficiary business idea because of the huge population of school-goers across the world.

#40Car Rental Services

As the number of travelers is increasing around the world, people are looking for car rentals very frequently. Start a car rental business franchise.

#41 Travel Agency

Travel agencies are increasingly in demand because of the increasing number of travelers. ‘MakeMyTrip’ is one of the biggest players in the market.

#42 Real Estate

A real estate business is quite a lucrative business opportunity for those who are interesting in buying/selling of properties.

#43 Cab Services

Cab service business such as ‘Ola’ and ‘Uber’ are perfect examples of this business opportunity.

#44 Snacks/Namkeen Shops

Manufacturers of different kinds of Indian and foreign snacks/namkeen are very much in trend. International brands like ‘Haldirams’ offer franchise in this segment.

#45 Construction Machinery

Material and equipment required in construction work are essential things in real estate business. Start a construction machinery business.

#46 Food Processing Equipment

Food processing has made lives of those who are in culinary business quite simple. Start a food processing equipment franchise.

#47 Farming Tools and Equipments

Farming tools and equipments are quintessential requirements of agricultural businesses. It’s a beneficiary business opportunity to start.

#48 Hospital Equipments

Hospital equipments such as beds, medical chairs and tables etc are required in the running of a hospital.

#49Bike Reselling

People all around are looking for either purchasing or selling bikes/bicycles all around the world. It’s a profitable small business idea.

#50 Automobile Showroom

Opening an automobile showroom is quite a profitable idea as there is always a rising demand for automobile.


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