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5 Stress Busters for Business Professionals

Only a healthy heart and healthy mind can enjoy the fruits of success.

By Senior Sub-editor
5 Stress Busters for Business Professionals


Stress is like the elephant in the room, upon which none talks about but suffer alone, especially in the corporate world and business world, where competition is tough but survival strategies are important.

To help business professionals here is the list of 5 stress busters, one can try to implant in their daily lives:


Take time out of your busy schedule to give your brain nerves rest. When too many things run in the mind, there are high chances of getting stress and stress comes along with other diseases like weak memory, anger, hypertension and other heart diseases.

So it is necessary to shut everything down and sit down to breathe in and breathe out while keeping the work to wait. Only a healthy heart and healthy mind can enjoy the fruits of success. You are likely to get cranky if in stress and no one likes to work with a cranky person.

Take Breaks When Needed

It often feels like if I push myself a little hard to finish another job instead of taking a break then might as well I shall get enough time to take a break later but it does not happen in reality and eventually it leads to frustration due to stress.

One task leads to another and so on, which is why instead of stressing yourself take that small break, take a small walk in the corridor, enjoy your coffee or simply stretch your flexes. Author Heidi Grant Halvorson, associate director for the Motivation Science Center at the Columbia University Business School said, “Taking breaks can help reduce stress and let you focus on what is important, not what is nibbling at the edges of your peace of mind.”


It is very important to stay organized and follow proper schedule, chuck out the unnecessary time killing things, such as spending valuable time on traffic, or simply getting dragged by one small job while leaving the important work undone and then ending up doing a sloppy job or else unable to finish it at all, these are annoying and result in creating stress.

Make yourself stress-free by getting a little organized and prioritizing work. Bind yourself within time frames and try to finish within the time period, so that you can get things done in time and can get enough rest for your body and family.

Vacations and Family Time:

The family is an important part of everybody’s life irrespective of the profession you choose. So try to make some time to spend with your family after all who are you working for. Schedule and plan a good holiday or vacation to make bonding with your family.

Go for picnics on weekends, or spend a minimum of 2 hours with your children, parents every day, because family is a great source of positive vibes, warmth and stress buster. Visit new places and give your family their share of memories and happiness.

Talk it Out:

Due to poor time management and giving more importance to work, people tend to become cold and less vocal about their problems, they feel talking out will reflect their weaknesses, but in reality, talking out will help in cleansing out all that is decaying inside and turning your thoughts toxic and poisoning your self-confidence.

Try to speak your heart out about failures, achievements, plans or guilt trips, to someone you can trust like your life partner or close friend or parents or your psychiatrist, anyone who you feel will understand you so that you can spill your negativity and get inspiration or encouragement from them.

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