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Tweet On Your Toes

Strategic planning, engaging tone, demands of the target market, ideating as high ideators do and building a strong club of followers can just do the trick of being a successful 140-character author.

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Strategic planning, engaging tone, demands of the target market, ideating as high ideators do and building a strong club of followers can just do the trick of being a successful 140-character author.


Quite often we see small businesses setting up accounts on Twitter only to follow it up with no action. There are things to learn from a powerful entrepreneur cum Twitter account holder. A research shows that such tweet creators are much cautious about the content of tweets. They do not use it as an advertising medium and constantly post tweets about their products/ideas.


What is important is having a well thought out strategy on what the individual wants to achieve from Twitter, what will be the tone of communication, whom does he want to connect to and so on.


As difficult as it is to monitor every tweet at a micro level, a certain amount of caution does need to be exercised when posting on Twitter. Being a very mercurial medium, the smallest inaccuracy can create turmoil for a brand. Twitter should not be used as ‘yet another advertising medium.’


Many people have been wisely using Twitter for professional benefits. The number of followers you have is also a measure of your credibility or influence on Twitter. In order to be heard among the crowd, you should carefully choose a topic or category of your tweets. Vipasha Nigam, Social Media Manager, Webchutney, believes, “The prime purpose of any budding entrepreneur using Twitter must be to be able to talk to consumers/potential customers personally and get greater consumer’s insight and product popularisation should be secondary.”


Is It Good to Replace Yourself With Others?

Social media is a space for people and personalities. Sometimes the personalities can be brands.


“In each case, you must have a distinctive point of view, and your point of view must not only just represent you, but also be interesting and remark-worthy. If not, people will just ignore you – just as they ignore a boring person,” says Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm.


Well, does anyone know you better than yourself? “Twitter is all about what you are experiencing, your thoughts and observations. You cannot have a ghostwriter sitting miles away substitute you for these personal thoughts,” says Daksh Sharma, Director and Co-Founder, Iffort.


Having said that, for certain brands, outsourcing Twitter to agencies makes sense. Just as an individual’s online persona has to align with his/her real world persona, the same goes for companies and brands. “Twitter is not only about posting tweets, but also  about expressing your own point of view in your own tone and language. The tweets need to align with an individual/brand’s personality – online as well as offline. Since Twitter is a two-way communication, the personality is very strongly reflected,” comments Radha Giri, CEO, Midas Touch.


Tweets and other social media updates do not just serve as messages to a company’s customers – but when forwarded or re-tweeted, serve to create additional brand awareness and comprehension.


Look Before you Leap

The expertise and knowledge of the platform that an external agency can provide a brand is difficult to match internally. Social media evolves with every passing day and an in-depth knowledge of what works on which platform is essential to ensure a strong brand presence. Agencies can give directions to brands while at the same time ensuring that the core message of the brand remains intact. It is no different from a company hiring an ad agency to craft its television commercials. Most leading brands globally use professionals and experts to build out their social media strategy and to execute on that strategy. What is beneficial is that social media experts lend their expertise to interact and do an Online Reputation Management on behalf of companies, hence the content is fresh and interaction much more focused and people driven.


“It depends on the founder of the SME or its marketing head – If you believe you have a strategy to build a large, engrossed follower base as well as the creativity all in-house, then go ahead by all means. If not, then hire an expert,” adds Murthy.


Twitter is not just about content curation through tweets! Twitter can be used as a research tool (search.twitter.com) to find out who is talking about what in your industry.


Well, you should think before you speak. And you should monitor and approve before you tweet.


Last Word

The important thing to realise is the difference between the twitter voice of a brand and an individual. An emerging entrepreneur might be tweeting about stock clearance sale and exclusive offers on their products. He could also be talking to his customers on Twitter and responding to their queries about delay in shipping orders. These are classic examples where you do not need a personal view in tweets. You would not expect him to express his sentiments about the government policies or taxation slabs. These are purely individual views. An alternative approach is where individuals act as brand ambassadors and maintain personal Twitter accounts. So once in a while you would see them tweeting about the performance of their company, participation in a sales summit and so on. In such cases, when people see their tweets, they resonate with their employer/company they are endorsing.

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