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Franchisees turning visitors to buyers

Tags: : consumer satisfaction, franchise concepts, increasing footfalls, Franchisees

BY Pallavi Majha | June 25, 2012 | comments ( 0 ) |

Franchisees turning visitors to buyers

Consumer is king. Businessmen who have realised the importance of consumer satisfaction have done wonders to their businesses irrespective of business being a franchised or independent one. Read on know more on turning visitors in a shop to buyers.

Even the most popular franchise concepts have tasted failure because of the franchisees’ indifferent attitude towards his consumers. The most practical way to win consumers is to acknowledge the significance of having a wide customer base. The franchisee is required to strive for excellence in increasing customer satisfaction and for driving sales.

Increasing buyers

A retailer needs to put in some extra effort and time in exploring means to generate and increase footfall to his franchised outlet. The task is not complete here. Besides increasing footfalls there is also a need to convert the visitors to your store into buyers. Though it is not appropriate to push anyone to buy from your store still by providing a customer friendly atmosphere you can convince a visitor to buy something from the store.  Here are few steps that can help you in compelling the visitor to shop from your store.

Hospitable staff: A welcoming, quick staff can be one of the biggest assets for a store. People generally buy if they like the behavior of the salesmen. In case consumers have some query related to the product and service, they would be impressed if it is addressed immediately by the store manager. If any replacement of product is required an action need to be taken on the matter on urgent basis.

Pre and post sales servicesThe duration of relationship between the buyers and the sellers should not limit to sale and purchase of the product. In fact the franchisee needs to be prepared to provide after sales services to all his clients.

Understanding the needs of the consumers:

Equal attention to all clients: As a franchisee it should be remembered to give all your clients equal attention. If any client has become a regular patron to your outlet, never take him/her for granted. Give as much attention to him as you do to your new customers.

Consider each and every client: Franchisees should always train their staff to give equal consideration to each and every client, irrespective of their buying capacity. A customer buying a product of Rs 100 should be treated at par with a customer making purchases worth thousands.

Customers have individual likes or dislikes: Franchisees should keep in mind that each client/ customer has different likes and dislikes. What suits one would probably not look good on the other client. Therefore generalising products or services for customers is certainly not a good idea.

Discuss with franchisor for better returns

Although majority of the franchisees are aware of these steps for better consumer relationships yet often they fail to implement these small things, in the daily hassles of running a business. Franchisors have one thing that franchisees do not have, Experience. Therefore franchisees should always take heed of their franchisor, and should follow the pattern as set by franchisor.

If you are an experienced or even an aspiring franchisee, these guidelines can be very educative for you.


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